Steps 2 Safety

Steps 2 Safety is a video explaining the Family Violence Intervention Order process in an easy to understand and accessible way.

Steps 2 Safety was a partnership project led by ECLC in collaboration with Ringwood Magistrates’ Court, Eastern Domestic Violence Service, Victoria Legal Aid, EACH – Eastern Victims Assistance and Counselling Program, Victoria Police and Anglicare Lilydale.

In 2013, the Victoria Law Foundation and Eastern Metropolitan Region Regional Family Violence Partnership (EMR RFVP) funded Clearer Steps 2 Safety – the translation of the Steps 2 Safety video in to six community languages:

Fact Sheets in community languages are available to download from ECLC’s Resources page.

ECLC acknowledges:

Steps 2 Safety (2010)
Hand in Hand Productions (video production)
Suze Houghton and Adis Hondo (filming and sound)
Tracey Sawyer (Script Writer and Director)
Donna Askew (Production Manager)
The Creative Ones (design)

Clearer Steps 2 Safety (2013)
SBS In Language (translation, voiceover and DVD production)

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