ECLC has a highly professional, multitalented and passionate team of staff, and a dedicated team of over 100 volunteers.

Each team member plays an important role in helping our community.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer: Michael Smith

Director Legal Services (Prinicpal Lawyer): Annie Davis

Director Legal Services (Prinicpal Lawyer): Belinda Lo (currently seconded to Federation of Community Legal Centres)

Director People & Shared Services: Katiana Velcek

Director Partnerships & Community Development: Chris Walsh

Manager, Client Services: Kate Hamond

Manager, Finance: Michael Woollard

Managing Lawyer (Inner East): Deborah Miller

Managing Lawyer (Outer East): Amanda McAnuff

Manager, Major Projects: Marika Manioudakis

Manager, Partnerships and Community Development (Inner East): Jacinta Maloney

Manager, Partnerships and Community Development (Outer East): Kate Gibson

Manager, Quality and Evaluation: Donna Askew


Intake & Administration

Senior Intake/Administration Officer (Outer East & Yarra Ranges): Holly

Senior Intake/Administration Officer (Inner East): Louise




Kelsey (SAGE Family Violence Team)



Community Lawyers and Advocates

Senior Community Lawyer: Anita Koochew

Senior Community Lawyer: Galit Aflalo

Connie Chen

Kate Gustke

Kathleen O’Callaghan

Rina McInnes

Sara Molenaar

Shasheema Ruwanpathirana (Deakin Student Legal Service Migration Agent – MARN 1574896)


Co-ordinators & Projects

Communications: Kathy Pullman

Community Development (Inner East): Iresha Buthgamuwa

Deakin Student Legal Service: Connie Chen

Elder Abuse Prevention: Teresa Donegan

Enhanced Entry Program: Sharon Villanueva

Executive Assistant & Communications: Naomi Hynes

Financial Counsellor (FMC Mediation): Diane Debell

Free from Violence (Elder Abuse): Jill Exon

MABELS: Anita Koochew

SAGE Family Violence Team: Ruth Howland

Shared Services and Volunteers: Kelsey

Shared Services and Volunteers: Stephanie

Yarra Ranges: Anita Koochew

YRIPP (CMY): Susan Hillman-Stolz

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