Elder Abuse

ECLC’s Elder Abuse Program provides legal and non-legal advice and support to older people, their families and other service workers when elder abuse is present or suspected.

Elder abuse is any act or behaviour that results in harm to an older person, caused by someone they know or trust, such as a partner, family member or friend.

Elder abuse is a form of family violence. It may be perpetrated through physical, financial, psychological, emotional, sexual and/or social abuse, including neglect. It can result from ignorance, negligence or deliberate intent.

ECLC supports older people with abuse concerns by assisting with:

  • Intervention Orders
  • Guardianship
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Support at VCAT hearings, and
  • Being a victim of crime

ECLC also provides assistance and referrals for broader issues such as housing, health and aged care, financial counselling and financial assistance.

If you require support or advice in relation to elder abuse, please contact ECLC.


Page updated March 19, 2018
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